HiFinox, Ar/H2 Mix & N2

Plasma Cutting of Stainless Steel and Aluminum from 0.036 to 6 inches


The HiFinox technology is used for plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium from 0.036 to ¼ inches. Users benefit from metallically bright cut surfaces, narrow kerfs and significantly less dross formation.

HiFinox cathodes are available for the plasma power sources Q, Smart Focus and HiFocus. Due to the optimised design and the increased production process, the cathodes have a lifetime that is 5 to 10 times higher than before at an amperage of 60 A. The HiFinox cathodes as well as the technology are registered for patent.


Ar/H2 Mix

For plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium sheets with a thickness between 1/4 to 6 inches, the plasma power sources Q, Smart Focus and HiFocus are equipped with the Ar/H2 mix technology. The plasma gases are mixed for each specific job to achieve best cutting results and high cutting speeds. Inner and outer contours can be cut with a very good contour accuracy, angularity, and surface quality. Time-consuming rework may not be required anymore.


N2 Plasma Cutting

With the plasma power sources of the Q series it is possible to cut stainless steel and aluminium in the material range up to 2.36 inch as well with nitrogen. The user benefits from good cutting results and small angular deviations as well as high cutting speeds, especially in the lower material thickness range. By using nitrogen as plasma gas allows the user achieves cost savings and more flexibility.

The N2 technology thus provides the user with an alternative to the Ar/H2 technology.